How to build a safe outdoor kitchen

It sure sounds fun to hang out with your family and friends while eating delicious barbecue under the sunlight. Adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard should be a fun home project, not something to worry about. Therefore, building a safe entertainment space is a must to prevent any incidents that might ruin those joyful moments.

Resource: Image via Google

Resource: Image via Google

When building a BBQ island, make sure to follow the proper safety procedures and compliance with local building codes. For example, a grill island built out of wood without using a stainless steel sleeve for the grill is an unsafe design. Remember that by breaking the law not only do you put yourself and your loved ones at risk but also your neighbors.

An outdoor kitchen is a high-traffic area. If you’re designing yourself your new BBQ island, locate it at least five feet from the house and a bit far from the dining area to have plenty of space to move between the cooking area and the rest of the yard. Also, choose a non-slippery material for the flooring, like concrete, especially if a pool is nearby.

When you’re ready to set up the equipment and accessories, ensure that you observe all the fire safety precautions while installing the grill and other appliances. Place the grill somewhere not too close to windows and doors to avoid your house filling with smoke when you’re cooking. And also, always keep a first-aid kit and a fire extinguisher on hand.

By following the proper safety guidelines you’ll be able to design an outdoor kitchen properly built that gives you peace-of-mind. It is strongly recommended that you contact a qualified company in your area for a complete safety inspection of your outdoor kitchen. Always try to prevent any fire hazard and keep in mind what to do and how to act in case of any incident. Now, go and build a safe outdoor kitchen