Why building your own BBQ island is the best option for your pocket

If the smell of burning charcoal, besides making your mouth water, has triggered the thought of putting a grill in your backyard but don’t want to empty your pockets, doing it yourself is a better idea than you think. You can customize your BBQ island to suit both your taste and your bank account since the choice of materials, size, and accessories to install is your sole decision.
Before starting your new DIY project, answer these questions: are you a master of the art of grilling or just an amateur? Are you planning to have big BBQ parties every weekend or a get-together with your closest friends every now and then? Fancy vs. affordable? Choosing the right grill will definitely save you thousands of dollars.

Since the BBQ island will be a permanent addition to your house, make sure to match its style. Store-bought outdoor kitchens make this more difficult and definitely more expensive. There are plenty of affordable options in the market of home décor that look pricier than they actually are, like stone or tile.

You might think you need Bob The Builder’s skills; don’t panic, it’s easier than it seems. So grab the hammer and screws, patience and dedication will help you complete the task. Ditch the landscaper, fire up your new grill, and pat yourself on the back while you enjoy those tasty grilled skewers with your friends and family.
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