5 Factors to Think About Before Building a BBQ

Creating a homemade barbecue can be a fun DIY project, but it’s definitely not something that can be done overnight. There are a few factors to consider before embarking on this venture.

When building your own barbecue, the first thing to do is finding a spot in your house risk-free from fire that can accommodate your new addition for many years. Remember a barbecue is more than just a cooking device, it’s a recreational space. Plan on the area needed for other equipment and accessories, like storage, sink, fridge, table, among others. Also take into consideration the weather in your area. You’ll want your barbecue to last, so a good enclosure that can resist humidity, extreme temperatures, rain, snow and other elements particular to your location is a must. A BBQ must be a distraction, not another thing to worry about; design one that’s easy to maintain, clean and repair. Finally, when you’ve made a decision on all these factors, it’s time to think about how your beautiful new addition to your home will look like. We recommend choosing a design that gracefully complements its surroundings.

Now that you’re done with the planning, go shopping for equipment, grab a six-pack, and happy building!

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