American Fireglass Makes High Quality Burners for Firepits and Fireplaces.

American Fireglass produces the highest quality hand crafted from 100% 304 Stainless Steel fire pit rings. To ensure the best stainless steel and craftsmanship is used the rings are made right hear in the United States. Everyone thinks ’304′ stainless steel is all the same but this is not true at all. American produced stainless steel firepit rings easily last 2x-3x the life of China made rings. American Fireglass rings are available in sizes from 6″ single ring burners to 48″ triple ring burners. Also, don’t be fooled by the companies that are selling black painted steel rings for firepits. You will be replacing these rings every 2-3 years. Take a look at our selections of American Fireglass firepit rings.

af_30trplringNot only does American Fireglass make firepit rings but they make a wide selection of burners for outdoor and indoor fireplaces. Their fireplace H-burners have dual rows of flame that give the burner optimal flame to make your fireglass twinkle.

H-burnerAmerican Fireglass also has designed a nice selection of pan burners that are rectangular or oval in shape. These stainless steel pan burners can be filled with 20 pounds of fireglass to update your fireplace from the ‘old style’ wood logs found in most fireplaces.

Firepan burners af_22rctnglpanbrnr

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