Don’t have a grill that is Versatile? Take a look at Cal Flame Grills on DIYBBQ.COM


Cal Flame grills lead the industry in being very versatile to meet all consumer needs. Even better is that they offer grills at every price point that can not be beat. Cal Flame manufactures 3 different grill lines that range from the basic G-Series grills to the Convection Series grills. Right in between these two grill lines they have just released the Premium line of Cal Flame grills. Cal Flame’s convection series is the only grill on the mark that uses convection technology in their BBQs. This convection technology is the same technology that is used in high-end home ovens. The grill circulates air to give an evenly distributed temperature to cook your food from all sides.


Cal Flame manufactures accessories for their grills that will allow you to easily add a sear zone to your grill. The sear zone burner gets very hot to sear the juices in your meat. This prevents the meat from drying out. They also manufacture a smoker box to allow all grill enthusiast to add flavor to their meet or use their charcoal try to turn half of your grill into a charcoal grill with the convenience of a gas grill.

Sear-Zone-300x172 Charcoal-Tray-in-Grill-300x272

Combine our DIY BBQ Island frame kits with Cal Flame grilling technology to create an outdoor kitchen that can not be beat. Buy your Cal Flame equipment and BBQ Island kit from us and we will provide FREE appliance cut out kits sized to each appliance that you purchase. This can save you hundreds of dollars on your island frame kit.

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