Why would you want to choose a BBQ grill made by Sunstone Grills??


Sometimes I get asked why should I choose a Sunstone Grill over an expensive grill like Firemagic, DCS or Vicking grills. The answer is you get a high quality American made grill at a fraction of the price. Even better Sunstone Grills give you a lifetime warranty on the burners unlike other grill manufactures. If you read other manufacture warranties you will see that they don’t warranty the burners. They also offer a lifetime warranty on the housing and grates for the Sunstone Grills.

Sunstone Grills offer a wide range of options for your outdoor kitchen. You can build your dream BBQ Island using stainless steel components ranging from bar centers with sinks to side burners to give you the ability to cook your whole meal right outside in one area.

Sunstone Grills and BBQ Island components are designed to allow you to have a complete outdoor kitchen. Sunstone manufactures high quality doors and drawers for your BBQ island at a unbeatable price. Combine these products with our frame kits and you can build your own BBQ Island at a fractions of the price of having a contractor build one for you.

Be the talk of the neighborhood with your outdoor resort that you created with Sunstone Grill’s stainless steel components paired with our easy to construct BBQ Island frame kits. The best parts is when  you have guest over and they talk about how great your BBQ Island is you can proudly say “I built it Myself with the help of DIY BBQ“!

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