BBQ Island Frame kits

BBQ Island Frame kits

Our bbq island frame kits are designed to allow the do it yourselfer to build an outdoor kitchen at huge savings over a contractors price. Our frame kits are the highest quality and with an industry leading design. Our frame kits are sized to your needs and what appliances you plan on using in the island.

DIY BBQ frame kits are so easy to build that anyone with a cordless drill can successfully build there own Island. Our system is designed to make it easy to design your island. We have modular sections that can be placed next to one another to change the length of your island. Each kit is sized to your specs and ready to screw together.

Our frame kits are so inexpensive that you can build a custom bbq island for $1500.00 plus your equipment. The best part is when your guest talk about how nice the island is and are baffled when you can tell them YOU built it yourself.


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