Memorial Day Barbecue Tips and Tricks

With Memorial Weekend right around the corner we thought sharing an inspirational story and some tried and true Memorial Day Barbecue Tips and Tricks would be fitting for this weekend. We hope you enjoy the article and welcome your feedback.

Memorial Day

Even if your party is a casual backyard barbecue with friends and family you still want to make sure that you put time and effort into planning it. This will ensure that it goes smoothly for both you and your guests. Allowing everyone to enjoy each others company and the beautiful weather.


Your DIY BBQ outdoor kitchen is the best place to start when planning how you will prepare and serve your feast.

~Serve vegetables instead of chips. Grill vegetables on the grill, whip up an easy sauce that looks like you spent hours preparing and serve as appetizers.

~Keep your flame low, plan ahead and you can cook your food at a lower temperature which reduces the likelihood of burning or char marks.

~Serve fruit as a dessert instead of a rich cake or heavy sugar laden dessert. Your guests will have filled up on your grilled vegetables and other sides. Fruit is a perfect light pairing, especially for warm days.

~All food has to be at least 140 degrees, and smoked food should be between 180 and 220. In addition to keeping watch on meat temperatures, keep your work area and tools clean.

Now that you have mastered the art of the perfect backyard barbecue, don’t forget to take some time to honor the brave men and women in uniform, past and present. Memorial Day parades and ceremonies are held in most towns and cities. Look for your local one and support the men and women who have served our country.

Memorial Day 2

“Freedom lies in being bold.” -Robert Frost

“Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.” -George Washington



How Much Do We Know About the Various Meat Cuts on the Market?

I thought this week we could cover some of the more popular meat cuts that we see in the store. I know when I shop I sometimes find myself overwhelmed when it comes to beef, then just end up buying chicken instead. Here is a great breakdown of those more common cuts and how to marinate, cook and serve them.beef


Happy Grilling




(AKA London broil)
Very lean with mild flavor; dense and slightly chewy.
Inexpensive with no fat to trim off, so more meat for your money; even shape makes it easy to slice thin.
Marinating will tenderize the meat.
Best served rare to medium (overcooking will turn this cut into leather).
Must be carved very thin, against the grain.
Great cold for sandwiches.
“Best Buy”

(AKA Delmonico steak)
Naturally tender cut cooks up juicy, with a rich flavor of caramelized meat.
Can be sold bone-in for rib lovers and for a more dramatic presentation.
Lots of marbling makes it self-basting.
These steaks are pricey, so look for ones with a large “eye” and less surrounding fat.

(AKA tenderloin steak)
Its mild flavor and tenderness make it the perfect canvas for a starring sauce.
Expensive, but unlike other cuts, it doesn?t need to be trimmed and doesn?t shrink much during cooking.
Avoid acidic marinades — they’ll deteriorate the fine grain and make the meat mealy.
Best eaten rare to medium.
Lean and tender enough to be eaten cold.
Skip the steak knife — it cuts like butter!

Nothing says “steakhouse” like a T-bone. Great for steak lovers who eat with their eyes first.
Combines two contrasting cuts in one sitting — part of the delicate tenderloin and robust, juicy strip.
The bone adds flavor and seals in juices.
Perfect for carnivores who feel the meat’s just a vehicle for getting to gnaw on the bone.

(AKA fajita steak)
Good bang for your buck — juicy and flavorful; quick-cooking and versatile.
Firm, accordion-like grain soaks up dry rubs and marinades.
Best served rare to medium-rare. Anything more toughens the meat.
“Best Buy”

(AKA strip steak; New York strip steak; shell steak)
A beef-lover’s steak — you can really taste the steer.
A trophy cut — tenderness, succulence and a satisfying chew.
Low maintenance: cooks evenly, ideal for a variety of cooking methods (grilling, broiling and pan-roasting).
Serve rare or medium-rare: This cut turns mealy when overcooked.
“Best Buy”


May is National Barbecue Month ~ What can DIY BBQ do for you?

Welcome to the first week of May! officially National Barbecue Month! That is a big deal for DIY BBQ. We believe that having an enjoyable place to spend your free time with friends and family is very important. Our goal is to help our customers develop the backyard paradise of their dreams. Whether it is to entertain large parties or for small family gatherings, we have everything that you need to design your barbecue island. We have options for small outdoor kitchens or large ones depending on your available space and your personal needs. Please feel free to check out our Sizzlin Specials this month to scoop up one of our great deals on BBQs and more!
Give our office a call with any questions you have or send us an email of your dream backyard plans and we can price your island and appliances out for you.



Brighten Up Your Backyard With A Beautiful Fire Pit Table

Want to design your perfect oasis? Look no further!

With many color choices to choose from for your base and counter top you can create the perfect backyard oasis with one of our fire pit tables. Enjoy an evening with family and friends sitting under a big starry sky with the flicker from your newly installed and custom designed fire pit.

 Firepit Table

We also have many fire glass options that you could add to your fire pit. These vibrant colors deliver an even brighter and more enchanting experience for all your entertainment needs. Whether you choose a reflective color such as Starfire that gives the illusion of fire and ice or sparkling diamonds. You may also want to try the Bronze Reflective fire glass. This option goes well with any color fire pit or fireplace and works perfectly with dark colored décor and hard wood floors. You can mix and match colors for accenting. All of our fire glass is quality inspected to ensure an elegant appearance and 100% customer satisfaction.

 Bronze Fire Glass Starfire Fire Glass


You have the option of ordering your fire pit with either propane or natural gas, depending on your needs.

This item typically ships in 1 to 2 weeks

Manufactured by Cal Flame

  • Dimensions: 48” x 48” x 20”
  • Ameristone Stucco Finish
  • Log Set with Lava Rocks: 4 pieces at 16 inches
  • Burner BTU Output: 55,000
  • Standard Feature Ventilation
  • Propane and Natural Gas Convertible
  • 1 Year Warranty

Please note that this is a made to order item so therefore is not returnable once you complete your purchase. Takes 5-7 Business days for production.

You can also order one of our do it yourself kits to which the options are endless for your creativity and design ideas! Check out this link to see a picture of one of our do it yourself kits after it was completed!

Make perfect pizzas right in your own backyard with one of our pizza oven kits.

With summer right around the corner now is the perfect time to get started on that outdoor pizza oven you have been dreaming of. You can add it to your existing barbeque area very easily or build a freestanding one, either option you decide on DIY BBQ can help you design and build the perfect outdoor pizza oven to suit your needs. We have many options available with easy to build kits. With step-by-step instructions that will walk you through every step and directions on how to season your oven before the first use, you will be enjoying your backyard summers before you know it.

perini wood fired pizza oven by brickwood ovens (3)

These ovens are capable of not only producing amazing pizzas but also roasting chicken or your meat of choice, simmering beans and stews and baking desserts.

With our perfectly sealed ovens and heat distribution

your pizzas take just 4 minutes on average to cook.


We have a regular size kit that is 23”W x 17”H x 32”L

or a larger kit that is 27” W x 19”H x 41”L

Check our Facebook page for outdoor pizza oven recipes in the next several weeks. We are excited to give you some ideas on how to entertain your family and friends this summer by using your newly built pizza oven!


How to build an outdoor kitchen step-by-step

An outdoor kitchen is a hot addition to any backyard – no pun intended. Get started with a basic open-air dining space. Now that you have the grill, what’s next? First of all, add a space for food prep. This essential cooking area can be built by stacking up blocks, then top it off with a stone counter.

To avoid the hassle of going to your indoor kitchen multiple times when eating outdoors, add a water supply and some sort of storage to your barbecue island. For a tight budget, install a sink that hooks up to a garden hose and drains into the ground. For a more permanent solution, buy a regular sink that runs cold water; hot water and a dishwasher are a plus. Regarding the storage space, spend a few bucks on a shelf that keeps plates and cooking utensils right where they’re needed.

Now that you’re done with the cooking basic equipment, you need light. Grilling in the dark can be tricky and dangerous. If you’re looking for something temporary and low-cost, go for a battery-operated lamp. Although the best choice is to add task lighting, which is more expensive but it gives the option of outlets for appliances.

Sun has no mercy. Hot weather and a grill together can be unbearable, especially for the cook. Provide shelter in your open kitchen. Building a roof can put your bank account on the low, so a pergola does the trick.

There you go! Now you know how to build an outdoor kitchen step-by-step, call your friends for a cookout in your new wallet-friendly five-star entertainment space.

Do you own the Ultimate BBQ Grill?

Gas or charcoal grill, concrete or stone countertops, U-shaped or a basic barbecue island, we like them all! An outdoor kitchen is always a nice addition to any backyard. But we all know creating a new entertainment area, no matter how small and simple it is, can be a pocket buster. We are sure there will always be an appliance you would like to add to create the ultimate cooking experience. A pizza oven, a deep fryer, a beverage center… you name it. DIY BBQ is here to help! If you have a barbecue island you’re proud of and can’t resist to show the world what you built with your own hands, take a nice photo and submit it to our #UltimateBBQGrill contest for the chance to win a $250 DIY BBQ Gift Card. Click here to participate in the Ultimate BBQ Grill giveaway:

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Outdoor Kitchen Layouts

Once you’ve chosen the area where your outdoor kitchen will be built, it’s time to choose the layout. Budget, space and use determine the barbecue island’s layout. It is also important to settle on a layout that’s both convenient to work in and looks good.

If you’re planning to spend little time and money on the outdoor kitchen, go for a basic barbecue island that clusters the grill and all appliances in one central unit. Since this design is small and only for one person to work in at a time, consider raising one side of the countertop to separate the cooking and socializing areas.

For the more frequent outdoor cooking, build an L-shaped kitchen. This layout provides two separate areas for cooking and preparing food. At the base of the “L” the grill and some undercounter storage are available, while counterspace and stool seating is found on the vertical side.

Professionals of grilling prefer separating areas for cooking, preparing and eating food. If you want to build the ultimate outdoor entertaining hub, the U-shaped kitchen layout may be for you. This design mimics most indoor kitchens and is very convenient for those who have a generous budget.

Remember to always have in mind your site, the amount of space you have to work with, your cooking style, and your budget before getting carried away by a beautifully designed kitchen that may not suit your needs. Now that you have settled on a layout, go have fun building your own barbecue island!

How to build a safe outdoor kitchen

It sure sounds fun to hang out with your family and friends while eating delicious barbecue under the sunlight. Adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard should be a fun home project, not something to worry about. Therefore, building a safe entertainment space is a must to prevent any incidents that might ruin those joyful moments.

Resource: Image via Google

Resource: Image via Google

When building a BBQ island, make sure to follow the proper safety procedures and compliance with local building codes. For example, a grill island built out of wood without using a stainless steel sleeve for the grill is an unsafe design. Remember that by breaking the law not only do you put yourself and your loved ones at risk but also your neighbors.

An outdoor kitchen is a high-traffic area. If you’re designing yourself your new BBQ island, locate it at least five feet from the house and a bit far from the dining area to have plenty of space to move between the cooking area and the rest of the yard. Also, choose a non-slippery material for the flooring, like concrete, especially if a pool is nearby.

When you’re ready to set up the equipment and accessories, ensure that you observe all the fire safety precautions while installing the grill and other appliances. Place the grill somewhere not too close to windows and doors to avoid your house filling with smoke when you’re cooking. And also, always keep a first-aid kit and a fire extinguisher on hand.

By following the proper safety guidelines you’ll be able to design an outdoor kitchen properly built that gives you peace-of-mind. It is strongly recommended that you contact a qualified company in your area for a complete safety inspection of your outdoor kitchen. Always try to prevent any fire hazard and keep in mind what to do and how to act in case of any incident. Now, go and build a safe outdoor kitchen

Taking proper care of your grill

Winter has officially arrived and below freezing temperatures keeps the least adventurous away from their outdoor kitchens. If you’re ready to store your tongs, follow these steps to take good care of your grill until it’s warm enough for another cookout.

First of all, clean your grill thoroughly by letting it run on high heat until all the food is burned off of the grill. This will take about 20 minutes, then let it cool down. Grab a wire grill brush afterwards and scrape all of the leftover food off of the grill grates. When the grill has cooled, use soapy or oven cleaner to help with the tough spots. After you’re done, make sure to rinse the grates off with water to remove any soap residue.

Now it’s time to clean inside the BBQ grill. Remove the grates and dig in. Replace the lava rocks if needed.

To get rid of dirt on the outside of the grill, take a damp cloth with hot soapy water. For stubborn dirt you can use cleaners, but always be careful of using abrasive chemicals that’ll ruin the paint of your grill. Remember to clean the grill cover as well.

DIY BBQ Grill Cover

BBQ Grill Cover

Now that your BBQ is off duty, take the time to fix handles, temperature gauges, cracked hoses, replace burners or any part that needs to be taken care of.

A good cover is the key to keep your grill safe from the damage caused by rain, snow, dirt, etc. If your current cover has tears, buy a new one; you’d rather spend on a new cover than on a new grill. Before storing or covering your grill, make sure both the grill and cover are completely dry.

Taking proper care of your grill, especially during the winter months, will provide years of extra life to the grill and ensure many seasons of delicious BBQ!